14th June - Day 1 - Fostering Strategic Collaborations To Drive Greater Business Value

08:00 - 08:45 Registration and welcome coffee

08:45 - 08:50 Welcome Address

Diane Mekie, Conference Director, WBR

Steve Lightfoot

Global Communications Procurement Manager
World Federation of Advertisers

09:00 - 09:30 Case Study- The CPO Perspective: How Can You Create A Business Culture That Enables Marketing Procurement To Deliver The Most Value?

David Loseby, Chief Procurement Officer,Arriva
  • How can we at board level enable marketing procurement to be viewed by the business as a true value add proposition, and not purely a cost saving enterprise?
  • Transforming processes to ensure marketing procurement KPIs link to business KPIs – What are the critical measurements to ensure business synergy?
  • The development of the marketing procurement function – where do we see marketing procurement leaders progressing to in the business?
  • How can we best utilise marketing procurement leaders’ unique commercial skills?

David Loseby

Chief Procurement Officer

09:30 - 09:50 Case Study - Leading A Marketing Efficiency Programme From The Top Table: How To Work Partnerships On An Equal Footing With The CMO To Truly Drive Supplier Optimisation

Sean O’Sullivan, Global Director Marketing Procurement,Intel
  • How to build internal teams across all elements of marketing activity to look at areas such as industry, brand recognition, campaigns, and products to achieve a streamlined structure prior to supplier consolidation
  • How to position marketing as an investment on the marketing efficiency journey: How marketing can help complement sales
  • How can marketing procurement streamline marketing activity to drive supplier optimisation?
  • How to build an equal footing with the CMO to lead marketing efficiency goals from the top table

Sean O’Sullivan

Global Director Marketing Procurement

09:50 - 10:20 In Conversation - Empowering Marketing Procurement To Take Control Of Media Spend: How Can You Gain The Key Business Skills Required To Become An Expert In This Domain?

Larry Smith, Strategic Sourcing Director Global Marketing,Mars Chris Baker, Global Category Leader Marketing Services,Heineken
  • How can marketing procurement achieve a better sense of oversight and control over media spend?
  • How to positon your role to be ideally placed to help control media buying
  • Outlining the key KPIs to assess agency performance and get value from agency partners
  • The fundamental business skills marketing procurement need to develop to become media domain experts – now and in 5 years time
  • Strengthening marketing procurement’s role in creating an environment where marketers can take risks in trying out new suppliers, start-ups, commercial principles, fee structures, and innovative technologies

Larry Smith

Strategic Sourcing Director Global Marketing


Chris Baker

Global Category Leader Marketing Services

10:20 - 11:05 Morning coffee and networking

11:05 - 11:30 Case Study - Unilever Foundry: How To Drive Technological And Cultural Transformation Through Innovative Partnerships

Jeremy Basset, Head of Unilever Foundry,Unilever
  • How technology is transforming the marketing landscape: what this means for your brand engagement business models
  • Outlining our global platform for collaborating with innovative start-ups: how we enable the company’s global brands to accelerate experimentations and pilots with new technologies more efficiently, effectively and speedily
  • It’s a two way street – how we can help start-up businesses scale up
  • What can we learn from innovative start-up businesses to help us drive technological and cultural transformation?

Jeremy Basset

Head of Unilever Foundry

11:30 - 12:10 Case Study Revolution - What Are The Best Ways To Interact With Ground-Breaking Marketing Start-Ups To Drive Innovation?

Andrew Humphries, Co-Founder,The Bakery
  • Navigating the marketing start-up landscape: how do you find this new talent, where do they congregate and in what type of business hubs? How can marketing and procurement leverage the freelance and start up marketplace?
  • Rethinking marketing procurement’s role in fostering these emerging types of relationships – how best to position your involvement with marketing and other stakeholders to ensure maximum effectiveness
  • Overcoming internal business inhibitors to working with start-ups - the key processes and contract amendments necessary to allow agile yet secure partnerships

Andrew Humphries

The Bakery

12:10 - 12:30 Industry Insight With Client Case Study: Coupling Or How Procurement Can Play A Central Role In Harnessing The Power Of Opposite Attraction

Morgan Cox, CEO,Prodigious UK Andrea Pedrazzini, Chief Executive Officer,Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland

When it comes to rocketing content production and the need to produce more for less, we believe that coupling not only is the way forward but that it’s actually the fast way forward. There lies magic in bringing contrary Brand, Agency and Production teams to the Procurement table. Prodigious and Saatchi & Saatchi will share their experience of how they unleashed the power of opposite attraction for GSK’s Procurement.


Morgan Cox

Prodigious UK


Andrea Pedrazzini

Chief Executive Officer
Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland

12:30 - 13:00 Listen, Learn and Share - Memories Of The Future: How To Better Get Ready For What You Can’t Predict

Mark Earls, Author and Marketing Guru,.

Mark is a leading thinker on brands and behaviour and the best-selling and prize-winning author of: "Welcome To The Creative Age"; "Brand New Brand Thinking"; "Herd: How To Change Mass Behaviour By Harnessing Our True Nature"; "I'll Have What She's Having - Mapping Social Behaviour" and "Copy Copy Copy”.

Business in 21st century is awash with change - constant change - and Marketing more so than other disciplines. But which changes are going to turn out to be dead ends and which are going to be where the action is? Where should you be putting your bets and where should you be folding? All things digital are clearly here to stay but which ones? Where are the strengths and weaknesses of the technology and its embrace? What forms will fade away? And what else is going to be important? And why? While none of us have crystal balls, we can learn to develop better "memories of the future" so that we can embrace the changes when they come. This interactive speech explains the paradoxical but essential skill set of "remembering the future", shows you how to start developing it yourselfand gives you some tools to do so in your workplace.


Mark Earls

Author and Marketing Guru

13:00 - 14:30 Networking Lunch

Stream A: Building Partnerships In Practice

14:30 - 15:10 Case Study Revolution - Global Centralised Deals?: How To Challenge The Status Quo And Build A Successful Marketing Strategy From The Ground Up Claus Schiko, Global Procurement Category Manager, Media & Marketing,Pandora
  • How to approach marketing procurement in a period of fast growth
  • How to capitalise on this growth in your bargaining position with agencies and other suppliers
  • The benefits of positioning marketing as an investment from the beginning – How to focus on the baseline setting for partnerships rather than trying to generate savings to deliver ROI to your brand
  • Challenging the status quo – does global buying power give you the best deal?
  • How you can use market by market consolidation to deliver an optimal working relationship

Claus Schiko

Global Procurement Category Manager, Media & Marketing

Stream B: Rethinking Production Management

14:30 - 15:10 Workshop - Back To Coupling In 7 Easy Steps Morgan Cox, CEO,Prodigious UK Andrea Pedrazzini, Chief Executive Officer,Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland

Coupling is easier said than done. We believe Procurement can leverage the power of opposite attraction across divided commercial, brand, creative and production teams. The result: an inclusive program that has far greater support and achieves far bigger impact as a whole than the sum of the parts would. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to share your particular issues and we will help you build a 7 point plan to galvanise your organisation and your suppliers behind an inspiring coupling program.


Morgan Cox

Prodigious UK


Andrea Pedrazzini

Chief Executive Officer
Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland

Stream C: The Innovation Equation

14:30 - 15:10 Spotlight on Leadership - How To Maximise Your Team’s Role In Driving The Internal And External Innovation Required To Meet Business Objectives Jane Dormer, Group Marketing & Digital Procurement Director,Sky
  • How do you create an innovative environment in your marketing procurement team?
  • What incentives, KPIs and processes can best help make this a true ongoing part of your team’s agenda and mind-set?
  • Sharing best practices and recent wins in fostering innovation: what worked for you and how did you measure ROI?
  • Outlining the main marketing disruptors brands are facing and their commercial implications
  • How to strengthen internal stakeholder engagement and get the CEO’s buy-in from the beginning to make Marketing Procurement a key part of the supplier innovation journey

Jane Dormer

Group Marketing & Digital Procurement Director

Stream A: Building Partnerships In Practice

15:10 - 15:30 Case Study - Working Towards A Best In Class Selection Process : How To Build An In-House Digital Solution To Enable Your Marketers Navigate Through The Procurement Process And Work With ‘Preferred’ Suppliers Globally Alan Dempsey, International Procurement Manager,Adobe
  • How to leverage internal technology expertise to create your own digital resource for marketing and other business functions
  • The nitty gritty: explaining how this tool works and how it has impacted the way marketing engages with procurement
  • Technology is only the beginning: the key talent you need to fully engage with marketing stakeholders in the new digital marketplace

Alan Dempsey

International Procurement Manager

Stream B: Rethinking Production Management

15:10 - 15:30 Stream B continued

Stream C: The Innovation Equation

15:10 - 15:30 Stream C continued

15:30 - 16:00 Afternoon tea and networking

Stream A: 360° Perspective on Internal Stakeholder Engagement

16:00 - 16:45 Interactive Panel Discussion - Communicating Your Value Proposition To Internal Stakeholders: What Proven Strategies Achieve True Cross Functional Collaboration? Barry Mellor, Head of Indirect Procurement,Hutchison 3G Morten Bogh Skaarup, Head of Marketing Sourcing,Novo Nordisk Glenda McBride, Purchasing Manager,Oxfam Louise Deane, Category Manager – Marketing,Suntory Torbjörn Rudmark, Global Sourcing Manager,SCA Stefan Jeltsch, Head of Media & Marketing Procurement,Müller Media & Service AG
  • Moving beyond theory to successful cross functional partnerships – What are the lessons learned along the way to make it work?
  • Examining language, shared KPIs, domain expertise, process optimisation – how and where can we most effectively engage with our marketing partners to meet business drivers?
  • Getting a seat at the table – how can you position your function to become an accepted part of the marketing board meetings?
  • What are the proven approaches to achieve a truly successful partnership with marketing stakeholders?

Barry Mellor

Head of Indirect Procurement
Hutchison 3G


Morten Bogh Skaarup

Head of Marketing Sourcing
Novo Nordisk


Glenda McBride

Purchasing Manager


Louise Deane

Category Manager – Marketing


Torbjörn Rudmark

Global Sourcing Manager


Stefan Jeltsch

Head of Media & Marketing Procurement
Müller Media & Service AG

Internal Stakeholder Engagement: How To Best Engage With The Business When Operating As A Lean Marketing Procurement Team In A Large Organisation
Connor Boulter, Global Senior Category Manager, Marketing, Events & Production Resources, BBC

How to best engage with the business and set priorities when part of a lean marketing procurement function in a large organisation How to prioritise high value, high risk projects and add value to deliver results The soft skills needed to get the message across – how to tailor communications effectively with each stakeholder Effectively using internal business resources in research, marketing, consumer products and operations to bolster your efforts – key stakeholders and business units to partner with and how to best leverage their expertise

Taking Control: Making The Business Case For Bringing Production Management In House

Jan Kyttä, Director Marketing Procurement, The Absolut Company

  • Is it time to move from decoupling to actually bringing production in house?

  • Which companies have had success with the in house model and what are the main benefits and disadvantages?

  • How technology and the associated cost reduction opportunities of a self-managed production facility are driving this trend – understanding the business case Does the convenience of the in-house model allow greater speed to market?

Demystifying Decoupling: How This Strategy Can Positively Impact Your Bottom Line
Aoife McIlraith, Director of Global Search & Marketing Services, Lionbridge

Today’s global marketers need to reach more customers in more markets more quickly and with greater precision – all while operating under inevitable budget constraints. How can they seek to re-balance the equation in order to multiply the impact of their budget using innovative ways to reach more customers cost effectively? Digital decoupling, the practice of separating the “creative” elements of marketing from their production and distribution is one answer.
In this discussion, Paula Shannon, Chief Sales Officer, Lionbridge, will demystify decoupling as well as show how the strategy can positively impact the bottom line for global brands.
Attendees will walk away with a greater understanding of the benefits of decoupling as well as how they can apply the process within their organizations.

Agency Remuneration Assessment and Benchmarking What’s Right Process for You?

Bob Cauley, Partner, Beekman Associates, LLC; Tim Bajraktari, Partner, Beekman Associates, LLC

What is the right process and level of transparency to conduct meaningful agency fee negotiations? What is the right process for you? The answer is likely not the same for everyone. Beekman Associates, the global leader in agency remuneration assessment and benchmarking will lead a discussion on the various levels of agency fee transparency and the processes used in fee negotiations; including the pro’s and con’s of each process. The discussion will look at how many leading global clients vary in remuneration transparency levels and processes but are equally able to obtain successful results. Learn what has worked well and what has proven to be more challenging. The discussion will conclude with an overview of Beekman’s online agency remuneration assessment and benchmarking tool, RightSpend. RightSpend is a comprehensive, flexible, web-based tool that allows clients the ability to build, assess and benchmark agency scopes of work, staffing plans and agency fees from start to finish, putting you in control of your marketing spend. The benchmarking data covers over 65 global markets for all types of agencies including creative, media, digital, direct, event, pharmaceutical and public relations. RightSpend is backed by Beekman’s industry leading agency-benchmarking databases with over $8 billion in agency fees assessed and benchmarked annually.

The Path To Digital Experience Excellence
Barry McPhillips, Director– All Channel Solutions Director, Banner Managed Communication, with Client

There is no question that the world has gone digital. What we mean by digital is where customers are interacting and engaging with each other and with brands. They’re coming to companies through websites, Twitter, Facebook, tablets, smartphones, and even through wearables, leaving companies scrambling to keep up with customer expectations. To be successful in today’s digital economy, companies are searching for new ways to deliver digital experiences that reach customers at the right time, in the right place, with the right content—essentially, they need to achieve digital experience excellence. In this Roundtable session Banner Managed Communication and their client will discuss:

  • The drivers for creating digital experiences
  • The roadmap process
  • Delivering the experience
  • Measuring the performance
  • The continuing journey

Connor Boulter

Global Senior Category Manager, Marketing, Events & Production Resources


Jan Kyttä

Director Marketing Procurement
The Absolut Company


Tim Bajraktari

Managing Partner
Beekman Associates


Bob Cauley

Managing Partner
Beekman Associates


Aoife McIlraith

Director of Global Search & Marketing Services

Stream C: Working Towards An End To End Value Chain

16:00 - 16:45 Creative Boardroom - Establishing An End-To-End Business Model: How To Take The Lead To Foster Innovation Beatriz Ahle, Purchasing Leader, Media Innovation,Procter & Gamble Andy Hopkinson, Head of Global Accounts,Adstream
  • How can you better understand the consumer engagement value chain?
  • What are the people, processes and technology investments required?
  • Moving from silos to a true end to end business model: How to reorganise your function to address the new complex digital marketplace
  • How to create an agile flexible system that allows you to fund pilots and test new strategies with ease
  • How marketing procurement can take the lead and foster innovation by forging new connections with internal and external stakeholders

Beatriz Ahle

Purchasing Leader, Media Innovation
Procter & Gamble


Andy Hopkinson

Head of Global Accounts

Stream A: 360° Perspective on Internal Stakeholder Engagement

16:45 - 17:10 Case Study - The Brand Director Perspective: The Four Key Questions We Need Marketing Procurement To Successfully Address James Arnold, Director of Brand and Brand Experience,SSE
  • The SSE marketing journey and showcasing innovative creative that has won multiple advertising awards
  • Know your customers – when is digital not the answer? How to avoid the hype and deliver on your business objectives .
  • Value vs. cost – how can you truly move to viewing marketing as an investment?
  • The business drivers – how to ensure these are front of mind

James Arnold

Director of Brand and Brand Experience

Stream B: Drill Down Roundtables

16:45 - 17:10 Stream B continued

Stream C: Working Towards An End To End Value Chain

16:45 - 17:10 Stream C continued

17:10 - 18:15 Pre-Dinner Cocktail Reception

A great opportunity to wind down at the end of a busy first day, chat about the day’s talks and continue to catch up with colleagues over cocktails, canapés and entertainment.

18:15 - 23:59 Conference Dinner– don’t forget to book!

As an optional part of the formal conference schedule, you are invited to join a magnificent dinner at Smith’s Wapping (a short walk from the conference hotel). Enjoy a 3 course meal with wine and coffee for £60 VAT per person. Smith’s by the River boasts outstanding views overlooking the River Thames. This is your opportunity to make new contacts and reacquaint with old friends in a social setting.