16th June - Day 3 - Exploiting New Frontiers In Technology And Talent Management

08:30 - 09:00 Registration and coffee

09:00 - 09:10 Chair’s opening remarks

Barry Mellor, Head of Indirect Procurement,Hutchison 3G

Barry Mellor

Head of Indirect Procurement
Hutchison 3G

09:10 - 09:50 Case Study - The Advertisers’ Perspective: How To Select A Data Management Platform That Best Meets Your Needs And Build The Business Case For Investment

Sioban Shortt, Director Procurement Marketing MEU & Global Media,Mondelez
  • The purchasing process: how to map the market to choose the data management platform (DMP) that best meets your needs
  • How to build the business case internally to invest in a data management platform
  • What you should hope to achieve by using it
  • Unifying data and unlocking the value: how to improve your data management to meet business and marketing objectives
  • The importance of having an internal DMP – why it is worth investing in an in house capability
  • Lessons learned from the initial roll out and how to adjust your platform to respond to changing data needs

Sioban Shortt

Director Procurement Marketing MEU & Global Media

09:50 - 10:30 Case Study Revolution - Which Technologies Should You Invest In To Optimise Your Spend And Achieve Full Transparency?

Peter Rowe, Senior Marketing Manager,Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Technology is making it easier to bring many services, such as social media monitoring, programmatic buying, data management, etc., in house – what technologies and tools are worth investing in?
  • What resources do you need to properly integrate new technologies into your company?
  • Is it better to buy a complete suite of marketing tools, or choose best in class from separate providers? What are the benefits and disadvantages of both options?
  • What is marketing procurement’s role in technology investment decisions? How can you gain visibility of the investment cases and help manage the purchasing process, while working alongside internal stakeholders in IT, Marketing and Operations?

Peter Rowe

Senior Marketing Manager
Royal Bank of Scotland

10:30 - 10:50 Industry Insight Presentation - Adaptive Marketing: How To Navigate The Universe Of New Technologies And Decide Which Are Best Placed To Drive Greater End To End Marketing Value

Norm Johnston, Global Chief Strategy & Digital Officer,Mindshare

Jack Welch one said “there are only two sources of competitive advantage: the ability to learn more about our customers faster than the competition and the ability to turn that learning into action faster than the competition.” In his session, Norm will share examples from his recently published book Adaptive Marketing, which illustrate how marketers are taking Jack’s advice and leveraging real-time data, regardless of its size, to rapidly adapt their marketing activity to make it more relevant than ever to customers. As Norm will demonstrate, the increasingly synchronous data flow derived from digital channels can be used to adapt everything from pricing to product to promotions. And despite the protestations from certain creative directors, data can actually fuel imagination and great ideas.


Norm Johnston

Global Chief Strategy & Digital Officer

10:50 - 11:20 Morning coffee and networking

Stream A: New Frontiers In Talent Management

11:20 - 11:40 Case Study - How To Increase Your Talent Acquisition Competency Level With An In House Training Programme Edit Konig-Bihari, Global Category Director, Market Sourcing,Telenor
  • How to develop an in house training programme to meet your sourcing needs – the rationale behind the investment and how it has so far achieved our talent goals
  • Focusing on marketing sourcing development: how to improve skills such as digital marketing competency in the organisation – what tools and strategies are best to use?
  • Is in house always the way to go? When to consider an outsourcing option to fill skills gaps and how to address the potential customer data and privacy issues outsourcing can bring

Edit Konig-Bihari

Global Category Director, Market Sourcing

How To Structure Agency Contracts To Achieve The Transparency You Need
Samer Al-Karmi, Head of Marketing Procurement, Capital One
  • In an era of increased transparency needs on media spend, how can you ensure your agency contracts are properly structured to address the level of detail needed?
  • How can you open up the dialogue with your agencies to have a clearer understanding of the agency financial model and reflect key objectives in your contract?
  • Is there a consensus on what’s fair game? How to balance the conflicting needs of agencies and clients on best price and transparency
The Marketing Technology And Content Production Mash Up!
Traci Dunne, Consultancy & Best Practice Manager, ISBA
Claire Randall, Director, Claire Randall Consulting
Neil Lane, Global Managing Director, Content, Splash Worldwide

  • The current fusion between innovative new marketing technologies and smarter content production solutions is further confusing an already complex marketplace for clients wanting to understand the options available to them.
  • During this roundtable we will review the current landscape; challenges being faced by procurement; barriers to success and how one client addressed these challenges by conducting an audit with the objectives of streamlining process; optimising spend & maximising output through the use of marketing technology.

Traci Dunne

Consultancy & Best Practice Manager


Samer Al-Karmi

Head of Marketing Procurement
Capital One


Claire Randall

Claire Randall Consulting


Neil Lane

Global Managing Director, Content
Splash Worldwide

Stream A: New Frontiers In Talent Management

11:40 - 12:25 Interactive Panel Finding - The Best Talent To Deliver On Future Marketing Procurement Needs: What Will Be The New Skill Sets Required? Paula O'Reilly, Marketing Procurement Category Lead,BT Sophia Battle, European Procurement Director, Marketing Services,Nike Louise Deane, Category Manager – Marketing,Suntory
  • When hiring which one of these criteria should take a priority over the other – soft skills, cultural match, and category expertise in areas such as digital, consumer products and market intelligence?

  • Is it better to train internally or hire outside expertise? Where have you seen the most success?

  • Where the marketing procurement leaders of tomorrow are coming from - is it better to recruit from agencies, or internally from marketing departments and procurement?

  • Comparing external resources for discovering new talent - LinkedIn, recruitment companies, graduate networks, mentoring programmes and other online or outsourcing networks - is there a clear winner?


Paula O'Reilly

Marketing Procurement Category Lead


Sophia Battle

European Procurement Director, Marketing Services


Louise Deane

Category Manager – Marketing

Stream B: Drill Down Roundtables

11:40 - 12:25 Drill Down Roundtables Continue

12:25 - 13:20 Networking lunch

  • In companies where marketing is truly seen as an investment rather than a cost, should marketing procurement no longer be part of the supply chain and instead be part of a more commercial part of the business and report into the CMO?
  • Can we ever truly move on from the endless competing demands from marketing and procurement?
  • Changing the metrics to change the conversation: how to focus on getting full value out of marketing investments to grow your brand - will we ever move on from the perception of a cost saving function to one that offers commercial value?
  • What will the profile of the marketing procurement leader of the future look like - will marketing or procurement expertise be more important?
  • Can we make marketing procurement a more attractive function to work in comparison to marketing?

Steve Lightfoot

Global Communications Procurement Manager
World Federation of Advertisers


Jane Dormer

Group Marketing & Digital Procurement Director


Sioban Shortt

Director Procurement Marketing MEU & Global Media


Barry Byrne

Global Procurement Director – Marketing Services
SAB Miller


Myriam Benichou

Global Purchasing Director Marketing Services


Christine Lithgow Smith

Head of Procurement
British Gas

14:05 - 14:45 Case Study Revolution - The Rise Of Content Marketing: How Can Marketing Procurement Best Manage This Transformation

Darren Woolley, Founder & Global Chief Executive Officer,Trinity P3
  • What is the role of content? Is there no more ATL or BTL, but just content?
  • What is procurement’s role in managing this transformation?
  • What agency and supplier sources can service the content marketing needs?
  • Does content marketing mean doing more with less?
  • What new marketing and production models are required?

Darren Woolley

Founder & Global Chief Executive Officer
Trinity P3

14:45 - 15:30 Unconference Live: Your Final Opportunity To Have Your Unanswered Questions Addressed By Experts - To Ensure You Leave The Conference With All The Practical Insight You Need To Make Your Marketing Procurement World Class

Your Final Opportunity To Have Your Unanswered Questions Addressed By Experts - To Ensure You Leave The Conference With All The Practical Insight You Need To Make Your Marketing Procurement World Class
Join the ProcureCon 2016 Advisory Board and key speakers to make sure you leave no stone unturned!

After 3 days of panel discussions, presentations, workshops and roundtables, is there anything you’d like to explore in more depth? Is there anything you’d like to hear more about? A unique opportunity to address your outstanding questions and prepare for the next big step-changes in your industry

15:30 - 23:59 Chair’s Closing Remarks.

Barry Mellor, Head of Indirect Procurement,Hutchison 3G
Thank you for Attending!

Barry Mellor

Head of Indirect Procurement
Hutchison 3G