2015 Attendees

Our attendee list for 2015 was impressive - download the latest list of attendees here.

How to Protect Your Brand When Planning Promotional Marketing Campaigns

Are your promotional products putting your brand at risk? In an era demanding rapid deployment of campaigns and guaranteed return on investment, it’s a question many marketers would be forgiven for overlooking. Yet the consequences of misunderstanding or ignoring social and ethical compliance in the supply chain can be catastrophic for any organisation. Fortunately, expert help is as hand. As an award-winning promotional product design and procurement partner, Matrix can take the pain out of sourcing and managing socially and ethically responsible suppliers, proving real change is possible across the entire industry -

You've Got Hybrid Mail

Find out how you can drive significant savings in your organisation in our on-demand webinar – available to watch right now. 

Decoupling Global Digital Marketing Services - Lionbridge

Today’s global marketers need to reach more customers in more markets more quickly and with greater precision – all while operating under inevitable budget constraints. How can they seek to re-balance the equation in order to multiply the impact of their budget using innovative ways to reach more customers cost effectively? Digital decoupling, the practice of separating the “creative” elements of marketing from their production and distribution is one answer. In this document Lionbridge will demystify decoupling as well as show how the strategy can positively impact the bottom line for global brands. Readers will walk away with a greater understanding of the benefits of decoupling as well as how they can apply the process within their organizations. If you have more questions you can contact one of our staff member at the booth #5 or write an email to:

Live CPO Interview

ProcureCon 2014 drilled down into the hottest topics within marketing procurement. One of the top sessions included the LIVE CPO INTERVIEW: Using constructive collaboration as a catalyst for meeting business goals and how marketing procurement fits into the mix.

The Mindset of an Agency – Panel Discussion

Just one of the many hot topics covered at ProcureCon Marketing 2014 was the Agency Panel Session on the mindset of an agency.

Accountability and Transparency in Media Today

This guide is designed specifically to help advertisers’ media and marketing procurement teams deliver greater brand and business performance. It aims to ensure that advertising performance is measured and optimized, and that advertisers’ budgets are put to the most effective use.

2015 Event Report

If you’re interested in being a part of ProcureCon Marketing 2016, you will be interested in seeing our event report from the event where you will see first hand the success of the event as well as the quality of attendees. Fill out the short form below to see the full event report.

2015 Marketing Procurement Benchmarking Study

The ProcureCon Marketing 2015 Benchmarking Study was created in association with Prodigious and distributed to over 3000 Marketing Procurement professionals from companies across Europe.