15th June - DAY 2 - Improving Agency Relationships And Embracing The Digital World

08:30 AM - 08:50 AM Registration and welcome coffee

Enhancing Agency Relationships

08:50 AM - 09:00 AM Chair's opening remarks

Tina Fegent, Procurement Consultancy, Tina Fegent Consultancy


Tina Fegent

Procurement Consultancy
Tina Fegent Consultancy

09:00 AM - 09:40 AM Case Study Revolution - How To Optimise Your Agency Communication With An Integrated Marketing Campaign That Fosters Innovation

Myriam Benichou, Global Purchasing Director Marketing Services, L’Oreal
  • Addressing the shift in the way businesses are communicating with integrated marketing campaigns
  • If innovation is coming from outside the lead agencies how do you best manage these relationships?
  • Analysing the benefits and challenges of different models: an agency which handles the entire ecosystem of creative, production and media activation needs, or taking best in class from everywhere?
  • How do you best foster innovation across your agency roster?


Myriam Benichou

Global Purchasing Director Marketing Services

09:40 AM - 10:00 AM Case Study - Volvo’s Journey From Country Silos To One Global Creative Agency Structure – How To Engage Stakeholders To Successfully Make The Transition

Anders Ohlen, Senior Purchasing Manager Marketing & Advertising, Volvo Cars
  • Making the business case: how the business drivers led to the decision to change from country silos to a global view

  • The importance of stakeholder involvement – who and where we needed to engage to successfully make the change

  • What business benefits have there been since the implementation of the new global agency regime?

  • How to ensure the “buy in” from the global organization


Anders Ohlen

Senior Purchasing Manager Marketing & Advertising
Volvo Cars
  • Where are agencies investing to adapt their business to best address talent requirements, digital competencies, data analytics and increasing transparency needs?
  • What do agencies see as the major trends transforming the constantly shifting marketing landscape?
  • What do agencies have planned over the next 5 years? What are the next ‘big ideas’ and key marketing disruptors?
  • Let’s change the conversation: What do agencies need from marketing procurement to best achieve a true partnership?


Mark Howley

Chief Executive Officer
Zenith Optimedia

Neil Christie

Managing Director
Wieden & Kennedy

Tom Lewis

Finance Director

Anthony Groves

Global Commercial Director
Dentsu Aegis

Nick Manning

Chief Strategy Officer

10:45 AM - 11:15 AM Morning coffee and networking

  • New ways of working with start-ups, social media, and talent to drive innovation and most effectively engage with today’s consumers
  • Where the opportunities exist for working with new players
  • Key campaigns that delivered results and opened up new models of consumer engagement
  • Where are investments going to deliver the most creative output?


Michael Islip

Chief Executive Officer

Lawrence Weber

Managing Partner Innovation

Mark Iremonger

Chief Executive Officer
iCrossing UK

Nic Owen

Managing Director

Nikki Mendonça


Nick Farnhill

CEO and Co-Founder

12:20 PM - 12:50 PM Industry Insight Presentation - Shining A Light On The Conflict Between Art And Science: How To Differentiate Your Brands Over The Long Term

Tim Duffy, Chairman, M&C Saatchi UK Group and Saatchi Institute
  • Our objective: Working on the big ideas and helping brands like yours differentiate over the long term
  • Mapping the correlation between the ability of a brand to maximise differentiation and minimise deviation
  • Outlining the equation we developed with London Business School and the answers it provides – is it a breakthrough?
  • Addressing the practical uses of the formula: Which relationships you need to consider and how to track your performance


Tim Duffy

M&C Saatchi UK Group and Saatchi Institute

12:50 PM - 2:00 PM Networking lunch

Stream A: Accelerating Digital And Programmatic Adoption

2:00 PM - 2:45 PM Interactive Panel Discussion - Measuring Your Digital Spend: What Are The Best Approaches To Increase Transparency In An Opaque Landscape?

Brett Colbert, CPO, MDC Partners Jo Smallbone, Head of Sales and Marketing Procurement, Vodafone Dee O'Brien, Marketing Procurement Manager, Novartis Audrey Siquier, Purchasing Leader Europe, Infiniti Europe (Nissan) Vincent Van Lingen, Managing Partner, Springbok Agency
  • What do we mean by digital anymore? Is everything digital? Understanding the different categories of spend that can fall under this umbrella, from social media, search engine optimisation, mobile, apps, video-on-demand services to websites
  • Is the growth in digital spend as expected? What percentage of spend are companies truly allocating to digital media?
  • Trying to measure what can be an opaque space – what tools and strategies can you use to measure ROI on digital spend?
  • Finding the best suppliers for digital content and production – do traditional partners have the capabilities to address this spend or is it all about a new world of niche providers? And how can you achieve collaboration between the different agencies and suppliers?
  • Addressing issues of on line fraud and wasted spend – how can you track and analyse where your spend is going and who is viewing your content?
  • Call to action on data privacy: What are the latest regulations on data privacy you need to be aware of?
  • The shift from channel first to content first – How to create the message first then determine the appropriate delivery channel


Jo Smallbone

Head of Sales and Marketing Procurement

Dee O'Brien

Marketing Procurement Manager

Audrey Siquier

Purchasing Leader Europe
Infiniti Europe (Nissan)

Brett Colbert

MDC Partners

Vincent Van Lingen

Managing Partner
Springbok Agency

Stream B: New Market Research Insights

2:00 PM - 2:45 PM Industry Insight Interactive - Innovations In Market Research: Unravelling The Latest Trends In Consumer Insight That Can Enhance Your Brand Reach

Steve Lightfoot, Global Communications Procurement Manager, World Federation of Advertisers
  • Where market research companies are investing to address increasing data and consumer insights needs in the fast evolving marketing landscape
  • The major trends in data consolidation and bundling that will transform your market research approaches
  • How to take advantage of collaborations and partnerships in market research to address increasing market insight needs
  • Becoming a trusted partner: How we can open up the dialogue and collaboration between market research providers and advertisers to create more transparent partnerships


Steve Lightfoot

Global Communications Procurement Manager
World Federation of Advertisers

Stream A: Accelerating Digital And Programmatic Adoption

2:45 PM - 2:55 PM Stream continues

Stream B: New Market Research Insights

2:45 PM - 2:55 PM Case Study - Investing In A Proprietary Research Platform Is Worthwhile: How To Overcome Practical Obstacles To Reap The Rewards

Simon Jacobs, Senior Research Manager, BBC Worldwide
  • Why research is our biggest growth area of marketing spend: how this investment will deliver ROI
  • Investing in data management talent to take control of research needs: the profiles and skill sets necessary to make it work
  • What to develop and what to buy – figuring out the optimal balance to deliver results
  • Key challenges in manipulating data and how we can overcome them


Simon Jacobs

Senior Research Manager
BBC Worldwide

Stream A: Accelerating Digital And Programmatic Adoption

2:55 PM - 3:05 PM Interactive Panel Discussion - Programmatic Buying: How Can You Address The Transparency Gap And Stay Ahead Of The Various Business Models?

Brett Colbert, CPO, MDC Partners Thomas Holzapfel, Global Category Leader Marketing, Deutsche Telekom Paul Dalton, Chief Media Officer, DigitasLBi Simon Daglish, Deputy Managing Director, ITV Commercial
  • What are the key concerns advertisers have about programmatic buying? How are programmatic trading desks and platforms addressing issues of transparency, media rebates, arbitrage, data security and advertising fraud?
  • Don’t forget the business case for programmatic: the benefits of getting the best available price and customer segmentation among others – where do you see the advantages?
  • What are the different models of programmatic buying – and is there now a trend for advertisers to bring these platforms in house?
  • Projecting 5 years into the future – where will programmatic be and what are the industry implications? By 2020 will most things be traded programmatically?


Thomas Holzapfel

Global Category Leader Marketing
Deutsche Telekom

Paul Dalton

Chief Media Officer

Simon Daglish

Deputy Managing Director
ITV Commercial

Brett Colbert

MDC Partners

Stream B: New Market Research Insights

2:55 PM - 3:05 PM Stream continues

Stream A: Accelerating Digital And Programmatic Adoption

3:05 PM - 3:50 PM Stream continues

  • Where there is a monopoly in market research, what negotiation and partnership strategies can you use to get the best price?
  • Examining buyer consortiums, longer term contracts, or nurturing a smaller niche player to create competition: where have companies had success?
  • Innovation in market research providers: what new players in the space can best consolidate data and provide new platforms to access market research?
  • What new tools are bringing further consumer insight and brand innovation to your company?
  • Forget negotiation, just bring it all in house – is this feasible, and how do you determine if the investment is worth it?


Steve Lightfoot

Global Communications Procurement Manager
World Federation of Advertisers

Stephen Sargeant

Global Category Director Bought, Owned and Earned Media

Clair Baker

Category Manager
British Gas

Paul Redwood

Supply Chain Manager Marketing

3:50 PM - 4:20 PM Afternoon tea and networking

Stream A: Agency And Supplier Optimisation

4:20 PM - 5:25 PM Panel Revolution - Moving The Advertiser-Agency Relationship Forward: What Do Both Sides Need to Bring To The Table To Avoid Going Round In Circles?

Brett Colbert, CPO, MDC Partners Sally Edmunds, Marketing Procurement Director, Three Jeremie Affergan, Global Purchasing Marketing & Medical Affairs, UCB Amy Redford, Global Marketing Procurement, EMEA Lead, ebay
  • How can advertisers and agencies get on the same page? How does the conversation need to change to regain trust, increase transparency and achieve true partnerships? What do both sides need to bring to the table?
  • How Europe views media rebates and the impact of the ANA investigation in the US – what kind of analysis needs to be done in the UK & European market to address media transparency concerns?
  • Practical strategies for marketing procurement to engage with agencies and support marketing colleagues – where do we really add the most value in agency relationship management?
  • Agency trading desks: how to make sure agencies are using your media spend efficiently – what questions do you need to ask?

Sally Edmunds

Marketing Procurement Director

Jeremie Affergan

Global Purchasing Marketing & Medical Affairs

Amy Redford

Global Marketing Procurement, EMEA Lead

Brett Colbert

MDC Partners
Pharma And Healthcare Sector Focus: How To Embrace New Market Research To Better Target Consumers
Emma Cole, Head, Marketing & Professional Services Sourcing, Global Indirect Sourcing, Leo Pharma
  • What percentage of spend is going on market research in the pharma sector?
  • Where is the growth in this category coming from and what are the business drivers?
  • Strategies to negotiate with monopoly or oligopoly suppliers – sharing best practice and lessons learned
  • How to embrace innovative new methods of market research to target pharma sector consumers
  • What are the exciting new developments in Pharma market research?
Sharing Programmatic Buying Best Practice: How To Get The Right Mix Of In House And External Partners To Keep Up With This New Development
Jesus Sancho Cubino, Procurement Manager for Marketing and Advertising, Carrefour Spain
  • How are leading organisations incorporating programmatic buying into their strategy?
  • How can you get the right mix of in house and external partners to best address this space?
  • Mind the transparency gap: what tools and technologies are effective in measuring programmatic spend?
  • Keeping up with market developments: how can you and your team maintain competencies to deal with this fast changing space?
How Do You Best Interact With Creative vs. Digital vs. PR vs. Media Agency Personnel: What Are The Key Differentiators?
Tina Fegent, Director, Tina Fegent Procurement Consultancy
  • When is it best to use a creative, media, PR, and design agency – if everyone is saying they can do everything, how do you know which agency type best suits your marketing needs? How to navigate the blurred lines of an evolving agency universe
  • Are Marketing Directors now keen to go back to one full service agency? How do you determine whether this is the best business option or just a way to simplify an increasingly confusing agency space?
  • The different profiles of agency types: how do you best interact with creative vs. digital vs. PR vs. media agency personnel – what are the key differentiators?
FMCG Focus: How To Harmonise Display And Point Of Sale Across Different Markets To Optimise Spend
Hosted by : Marie Guilloux Head of Global Marketing Procurement, SC Johnson
Active participant : Paul Jones,
Senior Category Manager, Sony Europe
  • How to optimise display and point of sale spend
  • Strategies to harmonise the type of display you are using across different markets
  • What are the latest developments in display and point of sale strategies for global FMCG companies?
  • Who are the key partners that can help adress this spend?
  • What are the main pitfalls to avoid?


Marie Guilloux

Head of Global Marketing Procurement
SC Johnson

Emma Cole

Former Head Marketing & Professional Services Sourcing, Global Indirect Sou
LEO Pharma

Jesús Sancho Cubino

Procurement Manager for Marketing and Advertising
Carrefour Spain

Paul Jones

Senior Category Manager
Sony Europe

Stream C: Agency Reviews Deep Dive

4:20 PM - 5:25 PM Creative Boardroom - Latest Trends In Conducting Agency Reviews: What KPIs Are Needed To Prosper In The New Digital Space?

David Little, Group Category Manager, Marketing Services, Lantmannen
  • How often should agency reviews be conducted?
  • Finding the optimum balance to measure performance without negatively impacting relationships and trust
  • Who should be involved in the agency review process to ensure effective execution?
  • What should marketing procurement’s level of involvement be as part of on an ongoing interaction with agencies - which meetings do you need to be at with marketing to add the most value?
  • The role of media auditing – when to use it, how often, the latest tools to audit effectively, and how to react when discrepancies are found
  • Improving KPI’s to measure agencies – what KPI’s are needed to increase transparency, drive innovation, and prosper in the digital space?


David Little

Group Category Manager, Marketing Services

5:25 PM - 7:00 PM Rio Themed Drinks Reception – don’t miss the opportunity to catch up with colleagues and peers at our Olympics inspired Rio themed reception!

7:00 PM - 11:59 PM End of Conference Day Two